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          If you're an avid music lover and always looking for yourself in the music spaces, then you obviously will like  this guy - Asher Monroe Book! This is "a breath of fresh air" in the music world. Let's start with the biography: from early childhood, he confidently stand on stage and caught fascinated views. Starting with a small role in the children's musical "Beauty and the Beast" and filming commercials, Asher slowly gaining experience in the art of acting.

          Of course, at that time, no one could guess what talents are hidden in this kid with a radiant smile, but himself. According to the artist, music has always attracted his attention, and was near him. In 2009, Asher was spotted by producers, who offered him a lead role in the movie "Fame," which earned him enormous popularity. After the movie was released began to appear first fans, girls around the world dreamed about this guy: romantic gentleman with a guitar and a luxurious voice. In addition to guitar Asher also mastered such instruments as piano and drums.

          In the same year, Asher becoming the frontman of R'n'B group "V-Factory" and begins to go on tour actively with the boys. Their first music video to the song «Love Struck» blew up the Internet! Frosty Shake and beautiful love songs have not left indifferent any girl! Thus, in the singer's life a new page has opened, and soon he realized that he needed to move on.

          Participation in the boy band gave him some push to start a solo career. Asher started writing his own songs, each of which had its own "flavor". And in 2011, the singer released his first music video «Like I Do», which within a short time gathered a huge number of views on YouTube. All subsequent clips and songs differ from each other in abundance various styles, from rock ballad «Every night» to dance composition «Hello Baby».

          29 August 2012 Asher pleased his admirers with another hit. The single «Here With You» was written together with the lead singer of One Republic - Ryan Tedder. "I am deeply honored to work with Ryan, he's a great guy, very talented!", - Says the singer.

          Artist also boasts its live performances, here's one of them -


          Now the guy has a busy schedule, he always travels by city, gives a lot of interviews and appearances. Independently and confidently move to the heights of success. Of course work takes away a lot of energy, but the fans are always ready to support their favorite! Therefore Asher tries to keep in touch with them and share the latest news via Twitter (@ AsherMonroe) and Facebook ( He also has an official website through which you can learn about upcoming events in the life and work of the artist -


Ссылки на клипы Ашера: – Here With You – Like I Do – Every Night – Hello Baby


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