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Frank (Der Bote): If you are serious about the lyrics it is always better to write in your native language

Hello Frank! How are you?
Thank you very much, I'm fine and I have a lot of things to do and I am very happy that the new "Der Bote" – Album is nearly finished. 
You are a producer and one of founding member of the band "Der Bote". Tell us how it all began?
It happened already back in the late nineties. At that time a Rammstein-Coverband called "Feuerengel" came to my studio. They wanted to record a demo for getting gigs in Germany. So I recorded this band. When it came to the Vocal-recording I was surprised about the intensity and passion of Boris' vocal-performance. That event laid down the first stone of the fundament. 
We stayed in contact and so the idea of creating a origin project was born. We met in the studio and start to figure out the first musical things and we came across quiet good. We discussed about what kind of messages we would like to send and we decided to talk about unusual things like the last moments of a person being trapped after an earthquake or an explosion (Lebendig Begraben), or a baby who was born dead but had a very infrequent disease so that the scientists want to have the dead body for further diagnostics (Vorbei) and so on.
Did you decide about working together gradually or there was some kind of decisive moment?
As you can read above it was a gradually decision.
Have you been sure, that everything will come out of it?
I've not been sure and I never was and will be. If you want to start a project like this, success is not the first thing you think about. It was and still is the passion for the creativity and the musical development from the first tone you played to the final song.
In the band you play a very important role. You combine several functions: bass/key,  producer and co-author of music and texts. How do you manage it?
It is probably much easier than it looks like. When Boris and I start to work on new material we sit in my little project-studio noodling around for finding new licks. Fortunately I can play a little guitar and my timing is not bad. Most of the licks are composed by me playing guitar. When we've got a good idea I program a very simple drumgroove then we add loops and some synthichords and after a while we a rough playback to start texting. The next step musically is to write the string-arrangement and to add some horns and woodwinds like an Oboe. One of the latest things I do is playing the bass-track although the bass is my main instrument. So it comes very naturally that I do all the things you were listing.
Many German bands prefer to sing in English. Why did you decide to sing in your native language?
Of course one of the reasons is that the sound of the german language fits very good to that type of music and since "Rammstein" it is internationally excepted. If you are serious about the lyrics it is always better to write in your native language and I don't like german bands singing english with a german accent.
Your favourite song of "Der Bote".
My favourite song of "Der Bote" will be on the upcoming album and is called "Lebenslang". It is a song about "ADHD" and that we rather go to a doctor get some pills to feel good instead of exploring the causation for the status quo. 
On the album "Kalt!" there are two favourite songs musically: "Lebendig Begraben" because of the wonderful guitar-solo of Marcus Deml and "Todgeweiht" because of the funky attitude and the fantastic guitar-playing of Victor Smolski. The best lyrics I find on "Kalt" and "Vorbei".
What difficulties have you faced, recording the new album?
The biggest Problem was the time-management. How do I get the musician into the studio and in which order. The recordings itself were slightly easy because amongst the musicians there is a big understanding and friendship. But unfortunately all of the involved musicians are very happening and so it was tough to organise it. 
On one song we have a real classical string quartet. It took quite a while to write the scores in a way they understood it and 
Technically it is always a big challenge especially in this genre to keep up soundwise with international acts like "Rammstein". But I think we'll make it.
When can we expect the new album?
It is amazing how good easy questions can be. I think by the end of this year it will be released. All the recordings are done, a few song are already mixed and mastered. There is still a lot to do but I think at the end of August the technical part will be done.
Could you take good ideas from the fans (for example, music, texts, script of the clip) ?
For the new album we had two text-writers who wrote most of the lyrics. But we edited the text when we thought it was necessary to do. We stay in contact with fans and we are open-minded for ideas. But those ideas have to match with our visions and our taste.
What will you wish our readers?
I wish all of your readers to keep on enjoying music which is made with passion and devotion to be listened to with passion and devotion.
All the best to you!

Interview: Olga Neretina
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