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Interview with Курск

Hello! It is really nice to meet you here at the Nosturi backstage. So our first question will be why you decided to take part in TUSKA afterparty and not in the main program? Was it your choice or not your choice?

Kursk: It was not our choice. we already performed once in the main program of TUSKA when our first album came out. And you know it is usually so that those who have come up with the new album are on the line up. So maybe we should get another album.

How does it feels to be a finnish person and to sing the songs not in your language but in russian?

Kursk: Mostly it feels very unreal. But we're doing that. For how many years? Five now. So more or less like stepping to your friend's house. Not really that comfortable.

Where did you learn the language so well? Probably you have some roots from Russia?

Kursk: No, we don't have. No relatives.

And how do you see this fact - are you promoting russian language among finish people?

Kursk: It is one of the reaosns why we did it. There even were some people who started to study russian. It gives some more inspiration to language study. It is not really our goal but yeah, it happens.

Do you have any problems with your audience perceiving your texts correctly? Do you need to make extra-effort to bring your message through?

Kursk: Not really. We always have our texts translated as well. So if they want they can read them first and then enjoy them.

And your image includes the elements of russian history, namely the revolution and first years of soviet period, you have many songs connected with image of Stalin. So why did you choose this exactly period of russian history? i mean that there are others as well.

Kursk: i think this develpoed quite naturally. The imagery ixs one thing. IT is connected with the style of the band and it does not have much to do with the lyrics. So on our album we have songs that are related to the older period of history and many songs are really timeless. So the soviet military style it just looks good.

But you not only have such imagery but we know that you use some really rare musical instrument. Designed in the shape of weapons and that unique one-string guitar. So how did oy umake such choice and how is it possible to play such instruments?

Kursk: YEs, they are like Kalashnikov. We think that it suits to the music that we play. Like one idea came after another. First one made a Kalashnikov-guitar, and then the other created his own bass. It is more interesting this way and it is also fun for us to play them.

And which band is closest to you in the musical sence from the major line up of Tuska 2012?

Kursk: Maybe Swallow the Sun. The most heavy.

You are such tough guys, playing heavy metal, does it happen to you ever that you listen to some pop song and unexpectedly like it?

Kursk: yeah! often.

Can you name something?

Kursk: Depeche Mode. This finish girl, Jenni Vartiainen. Especially when we are hangover.

Аnd did you noticed that many fans now are not throwing their fists in the air, but puting up ipones? Like shooting the shows. Do you think does it make the process of perceiving musicn adn the atmosphere worse for them?

Kursk: YEah, we noticed. i don't think so. Maybe they just want a memory.

And what about plans for the future? New album? New tour? Any gigs in Russia?

Kursk: we now have one more show in Estonia on our calendar and then we want to focus on the new material. And we have some new songs already.

Okay. Thank you so much for the interview!

Varvara Murasheva , Julia Andreeva

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