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Kevin Wasserman (The Offspring): "We Gonna stay the same".

You've got so many fans, you burn people's hearts and minds , you've got great experience so long?

Yea...As far as why I was successful, well, I don't know. I think Dexter write great songs, we have a good time playing them. I think, part of this, probably, right time, right place for us. You know, if we were 20 years younger or 20 years older, I don't know how it  would worked. As far as not gettin' too old, I think, being able to play for a livin'. You're loving what you do and play. You get up and play every day. I've got hopes to stay young.

Maybe you could give an advice for the bands that are in the beginning of their way, I mean how could they become immortal with their music?

Have fun! Find like-minded guys you share the musical tastes with, learn to play instruments and have fun. Don't take it too seriously. A lot of people take it really seriously and in the end they break it up. It's entertainment, it's not a world peace. (laughing)

You pleased your fans with the new album a year ago. In what direction are you going to go and to grow? Are you going to change something or are you going to stay the same?

Gonna stay the same. In any record it was one or two songs when we tried something new. But we love hard, fast, aggressive, but melodic songs. So we always come back to that. That's the main kind of stuff that we love. We will experiment, but we never gonna do the whole record different.

How do you decide what stuff will be included in the album and what not? Is it a collective decision?

Yeah, usually it happens during the songwriting process. Everyone of us understands whether the song is right for this record or it doesn't seem fitting with all the others. But usually if the song isn't good enough, if it's not workin', it goes away.

Do you quarrel a lot about the stuff that's going to be in the album?

Not in the album so much, but on the live show. Because we're all wanna play different songs in different nights. So there're more arguments on the set list.

Your concerts are always full of drive and emotions, but have you ever thought about playing an acoustic set?

Not a whole show. Well, we have 3-4 songs, but that's about it. We're not good enough in playing the guitar in acoustic. It's very different. (laughing)

Do you have something unusual in your rider (request list)?

Not anymore. We used to have a local souvenir. You don't really know what you'll get. Sometimes we get paperclips or cheese slicer. Most of the times it was ashtray or shark glasses from that city.

Where is all that stuff now? Did you take it home?

Yeah, I've got some stuff at home. Greg also took that stuff. It was, actually, his request. Because I had couple packs of cigarettes on the rider. So he usually got the local souvenir. But anyone of us could get it first and steal it. (laughing)

What was the most remarkable souvenir you got?

What would Greg say...Probably the snow globe.

Who's the worst person in the band to be stuck in tour with?

I don't know. We get on pretty well. I'd probably say Greg, and he'd probably say me. But we get on well.

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever been caught by your mom?

She has never come in when I'm masturbating. So, I'm ok there. (laughing)

Probably just being stoned. My mom figured it out. I got trouble for it.

Were you a rebel teenager?

Sure, oh, yeah. Very much.

Have you ever had to sacrifice other dreams or ambitions to stay in the band?

No... I think there's always sacrifices for anything yuo do. First, as we were gone so far away from home for a long, we sacrificed time with our children and our wives. So we couldn't see them often. So it's the biggest sacrifice.

As far as I know, music is your main job. So do you live for playing or, vice versa, play for living?

Oh, a little bit both, I guess. I still love playing guitar, so even if I wasn't gettin' paid, I'd still play guitar. At about for 10 years it was our hobby, and we didn't really make any money, we saved that money to go out on tour. It was until 1994.

Do you remember your first concert?

It was in California in a small place called Club Culture. There were 5 punk-rock bands, and we were the 1st among them. It was fun. There were about 20 people. (laughing)

Now your audience is a little bit bigger.

Yeah, a few more people.

Do you find yourself in danger of becoming jaded?

Not jaded so much. I get very exhausted by all the travelling. Last night we played a show and it was very hot too,  on the street and then in the train. I've got about 4 hours to sleep in the train, I tried to sleep today, I couldn't sleep. And tomorrow, after today's show we'll have to leave the hotel before the sun comes up.

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